A message to her…

My darling, “us” ended long ago and you’ve been trying to search for yourself since. Lost in never ending cycles, trying to bring back what once was when all along it was never to be. Just another acquaintance, a person who validated “what I want” and “what I don’t want” for my life. As much as you wished for that person to be your forever, It wasn’t meant to be. Instead it was the knowledge, wisdom and experience that you would gain that would stay with you forever.

I know you’re tired of trying to hold…

Sometimes it takes great loss to awaken a person. We escape our responsibility to face our own problems in the love and presence of others.

The trouble here is that we are all by nature problem solvers, our minds search endlessly for aspects of our lives to mend or improve. So when we disregard the true underlying issues in our lives, when we do not take the responsibility of our own thoughts and feelings, you will begin to lose yourself and effect the relationships in your life.

Inevitably you’ll begin to manifest into toxic and unhealthy ways. In ways that are consciously above your control. You will feel expectations of your partner that are not theirs to meet.

You will search for fulfilment in your partner that was always only yours to fill.

A message to her.

I know life can be hard, I know sometimes you feel like giving up, whether it’s on people or on yourself.

I know you have good days and bad days, but more bad than good or so it seems. I know everyday you ask yourself endless questions;

“what is this all for?,why is this happening to me?, why is there nothing right in my life?, am I making the right choices or am I supposed to be here right now?, Is it me?”

I know you have more questions than answers and most of the time…

Christabelle Grace

A paradox of emotions written in the moment

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